About Us

The Kapasari name must be synonymous with quality-quality valued by our clients, relentlessly pursued by our people, and trusted by those who depend on the work we do. It is our duty to understand our clients’ needs and requirements and translate them to products that they require. We want to work hand in hand with our clients and not independently, providing a guiding hand.

As an organisation, we are justly proud of the quality of our printing. But this quality is not a coincidence and never taken for granted. We work to achieve it. We strive to achieve consistent high quality printing globally through the establishment of high performance standards supported by our rigid quality controls processes.

Delivering innovative and quality work depends on the many interlinked aspects of our organisation. It starts with our values and culture, which provides a bedrock of integrity that has sustained us through good times and through turmoil. Vital components of tools, knowledge resources, and training are included. Basically, the quality of our work depends on well-trained people of integrity.

Our Competitive Advantage:
1. High quality and precision production capability. (Machineries are equipped with latest digital technology)

2. Large pool of highly skilled workforce.

3. Competent personnel to assist customers in production designs and modifications.


Customer Service

We always provide the best service to our clients.

High quality

Results mold and finishing products of high quality standards.


Loyal workers support and high integrity.


We are proud of the quality of our printing

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