Kapasari’s press room is complete with first class Heidelberg and Roland machines. Each press is equipped with Computer Print Control ( CPC ) and electronic plate scanning. 3 units of 6 colors plus coating, two unit of 4 color press and two units of 2 color press.

We are proud of the quality of our printing which we strive to achieve through the establishment of high performance standarts.


  • 1 Heidelberg CD102-6 colors + coating press
  • 2 Heidelberg SM 102-6 colors + coating press
  • 2 Roland 704-4 colors press
  • 1 Mitsubishi Daiya 2 colors press
  • 1 Roland Rekord 2 colors
  • 6 Unit of AUtomatic Die-Cutting and Foil-Stamping Machines.


  • 4 Polar guillotines
  • 2 Wolhlenberg guillotines
  • 1 Schneider guillotines


  • 2 CTP ( Computer to Plates ) Scitec Plates-setter
  • 1 Scanner

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