13 Ways To Increase Ecommerce Sales That You Should Be Using

1. Go from mobile ready to mCommerce optimised

According to IBM, in the week around last Thanksgiving, 26% of all online sales referred by affiliates were made from mobile devices. Needless to say. we’re past the point of mobile commerce being an upcoming trend – it’s here to stay.

While having a responsive website is a good start, optimising for mobile commerce requires a more proactive approach to improving your website’s mobile user experience.

2. Setup post-purchase automation to upsell, collect feedback, and keep customers coming back

If you run an eCommerce website and haven’t adopted marketing automation, this might be one of the most valuable points you read in this post.

Marketing automation tools like ActiveCampaign allow you to set up ‘sequences’ that can nurture, educate, and upsell to customers based on their actions and behaviour.

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