17 Tips For Online Small Business Owners

1. Learn from your customers.

As you grow your business, listening to feedback from your customer base is crucial.

It can be easy to weed out negative feedback, but the truth is, both positive and constructive criticism can bode well for your business.

Meet Jason Boyce, the co-founder and CEO of Dazadi. In his time leading Dazadi, Jason has learned the in’s and out’s of building a business from the ground up. From raising capital to designing and sourcing private label products worldwide to software development and project management to digital marketing and more, he has found great success in creating meaningful strategies in the ever-changing world of ecommerce.

Jason’s number one tip for small business owners is centered around the value in listening and engaging with your customers.

“In this day and age you cannot spend enough time reading your own product reviews and improving your products based on that ‘boots on the ground’ feedback.

If you aren’t iterating with every reorder of your product, you’ll never build a brand online.

The days of spending massive amounts of money for brand awareness to push mediocre products is over.

Listen to the customer and improve your products so that your product ratings and sales improve.

Having great products with great service will build your brand.”

Also, be sure you are encouraging your customers to communicate with you. Like Jason mentioned, product reviews are a great way to garner feedback. Other ways to connect and receive feedback include social media and documenting customer support communication.

2. Prioritize customer support.

Sammy Gibson, Director at Neon Poodle, knows how important it is to put customers first — especially as a small business.

“Our focus is customer service, and fast email and social media response is critical for building brand trust. We try to keep response time to 24 hours or less for all emails from customers and wholesalers…”

Prioritizing customer support gives your business the chance to turn unhappy customers into loyal ones. If you can be there in a pinch, you can relieve the issue and deliver your brand promise.

In addition, high quality support can often lead to more brand awareness and brand loyalty and trust. Sammy has found that “with brand trust comes social media tagging between groups and good word of mouth.”

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