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Why Agile People May Put Your Business At Risk

Agile but underperforming While this seems like a paradox, the answers lie in the interaction of two constructs which are often lumped together but which in fact are distinct and complementary. Agility is the ability to react and adapt quickly to changing conditions. Resilience is the ability to rebound psychologically (and physically) from challenging situations,.

7 trends that will redefine the print industry in 2019

2018 saw the print industry continue to face the stark realities of digital disruption. While HP continues to strengthen its lead in an increasingly commoditised market, the traditional copier companies such as Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox continue to take differing approaches to retain relevance. Konica Minolta is banking on its Workplace Hub pro platform.

The Impact On Jobs And Skills Required In An Increasingly Automated World

Automation will widen disparities across the U.S. in the next ten years—what should workers do to get ready for this disruption? Looking across geographies and education levels, how can employees prepare for the employment market of the future? Just 25 cities in the U.S. could capture over 60% of American job growth by 2030, while.

Millions affected by major blackout to be compensated: PLN

State electricity firm PLN plans to compensate at least 21.3 million customers, including businesses, for the losses they suffered because of an hours-long power outage across West Java and Greater Jakarta. PLN acting president director Sripeni Inten Cahyani said the firm would compensate customers affected by the major blackout in accordance with Energy and Mineral.

The Bio-Belt: Growing the Future in Rural America

Strategic investment in biotechnology now would reinvigorate rural America and help secure our nation’s high-tech competitive advantage Cow-free burgers are now all the rage — after Beyond Meats’ recent IPO, shares rose 163% on the first day of trading. Shortly afterward, competitor Impossible Foods announced an additional $300M investment. That’s great for California, but rural.