2021 How to Choose the Right Paper for Printing Your Photos

Printing your photos can turn into a struggle if you don’t know what you’re doing. Colour profiles, size, resolution and file format affect your final image.

It is always better to go to professional print labs to finalise your photos. Especially if you rarely print.

If you do decide to print from home, your printer and photo printing paper becomes crucial.


Your choice of printer is going to be one of the most important aspects of printing your own images.

There are many types of printer you could use, but only two are suitable for professional photo printing. These are inkjet and dye-sublimation.


Inkjet printers print by spraying small droplets of ink pigments on a sheet of paper. This is a controlled action. Dynamic colouring effect comes from varying the amount of ink sprayed from each colour cartridge.

Print quality depends on many things like the printer and its capacity, resolution, and compatibility. But, the most crucial factor that influences the final outcome is the paper. If you don’t choose the right paper, your photos won’t look good.

High-quality paper absorbs the right amount of ink. It gives the print a glossy and shiny appeal. The most common types of paper for printing photos are glossy, lustre and baryta paper.

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