3 Best Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Reading Books

Get in the habit of reading books to the end and thoroughly

Many of us, who read only pick up some parts of the book. Without reading the entire contents of the book. As a result, the author’s full idea cannot be known in its entirety.

Take time to write or take notes on the essence of the book

Reading and writing are an inseparable package. Both are needed in order to complement each other.

Those of you who like to read, must write to tie meaning, improve memory, perpetuate knowledge, and as your responsibility as a person of knowledge.

Meanwhile, those of you who like to write, must read every day to get new energy, meaning and understanding that will make writing more quality.

Nowadays, you can try to write an abstract every time you finish reading a book on your Social Media.

Besides being good for improving your personal branding, this activity is also a form of positive contribution that you can make to your social environment.

Try to review the book you read

Not many book lovers are used to reviewing books that have been read. In fact, the activity of reviewing books has many benefits.

First, reviewing books can help improve your memory and understanding of a book you’ve just read.

Second, you help potential readers easily find out the contents of a book, without having to read it in its entirety first.

Third, by submitting good book reviews to print and online media, you have the opportunity to get rewards in the form of books, money, and the opportunity to meet the author.

In addition to being a field of personal kindness, by writing a book review, you have participated as part of the ranks of the fighters who spread the virus, actively reading books in Indonesia.

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