3 Powerful Applications for Offset Printing

To make large scale printing accurate and economical, offset printing was invented in 1875 and perfected over the past century. Instead of printing directly onto media, offset printing involves transferring an inked image onto a set of custom rubber plates, allowing printers to create identical documents quickly and easily. Curious how this process will benefit you? Consider the following three powerful applications for offset printing, and how it could help you and your business.

3 Types of Offset Printing That Will Help You

Business Cards

You never know when you will find yourself talking with someone about business, which is why entrepreneurs carry a stash of personalized business cards with them everywhere they go. With offset printing, you can create stacks of identical, full-color business cards that will leave a positive first impression on potential clients, business partners, and vendors.  


offset printingPaper flyers are an easy way to get the word out about an upcoming sale or event. One of the biggest advantages of offset printing is that it allows printing professionals to create high-resolution, full-color images on a variety of different media types, giving business owners full control over their marketing materials.  


Book printing wouldn’t be possible without offset printing. Whether you need to have your training materials written, printed, bound, and distributed across your company or you are thinking about writing your first novel, professionals will likely use offset printing to develop those pages and create the cover.

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