3 Tips for a Great Photo Angle While on Vacation

Vacationing would be incomplete without capturing the moment through photos. Various photos of activities, location situations, to culinary can certainly be unforgettable memories. Not only that, the rise of social media also makes many people vying to produce interesting photos.

Take the symmetrical angle

In general, the human eye tends to see a neat object. This concept also applies in the world of photography, where you need to produce symmetrical photos to attract the attention of photo lovers. Symmetry in question is the form of a balanced image between sides.

To produce symmetrical photos, you can choose several objects such as architecture, buildings and nature. Even so, symmetrical photos are considered quite difficult to apply naturally. Therefore, you need to go through the editing stage to perfect the symmetrical photos.

Use the rule of thirds

The composition of objects in a photo turns out to affect the resulting beauty. For that, you need to apply the rule of thirds, where the photo area is divided into three parts vertically or horizontally. Later, nine equally large areas will appear that will help you determine the position of objects in the photo.

After activating the rule of thirds on the camera screen, you need to determine the point of interest (POI), which is the object that will be the focus of the photo. Next, you can place the object into one of the rule of thirds areas. By applying this rule, the photos you take will be more balanced and produce an interesting scene.

Straighten the horizon with the straighten technique

Another thing you need to pay attention to when shooting is to make sure the horizon line on the object. The horizon line itself can be interpreted as the meeting line between heaven and earth or land. Although often overlooked when taking pictures, you can still outsmart this by using in-camera features and editing techniques.

Currently, there are various cameras that are equipped with the horizon line feature. By activating it, you will be helped when taking objects that have a horizon line. Not only that, on your smartphone you can take advantage of the grid feature. If the photo still looks tilted, you can use the straighten technique in the editing application to straighten the horizon line.

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