3 Trends in Print Media That You Should Know About

Trends in print media come and go. And while it might have seemed like the introduction of the digital age would have heralded the end of print marketing as we know it, modern printing trends highlight the best of what can happen when you combine digital innovations with traditional print techniques.

Print is always going to have benefits for brands, in particular when it comes to building trust and nurturing relationships with potential and existing customers. And today, the most effective trends in the printing industry are the ones that bring together the best of both the print and online worlds. Here are three of the big ones that are worth taking a look at.

  1. Targeted Newsletters

The days of batch-and-blast newsletter printing are over. Savvy consumers expect a lot from the brands that they interact with, including personalized newsletters that address their individual needs, pain points, and preferences.

For most B2B and B2C businesses, better-targeted newsletters mean custom content designed for distinct audience groups, with segmented mailers sent only to the recipients they’ll directly appeal to. For many, the result is a higher ROI per print campaign, as well as a better-engaged audience.

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