4 Reasons Why Your Business Still Needs Print Marketing in 2020

1.  Print appeals to the senses

Human beings are inherently sensory animals. We like to listen, look, smell, and feel our way around the world. Viewing content behind a screen doesn’t allow for the same connection as a physical brochure, flyer, or card does.

Studies have shown that, despite e-readers and tablets being incredibly popular, sales of physical books are still as high as ever, and when a business invests in their print marketing (using luxury papers, interactive images, and engaging copy, etc.) customers feel like they are being treated to something special -not just a generic digital ad invading their time.

2.  Digital Ad Blindness

Did you know that the average American is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 pieces of advertising per day? This number is only growing as our reliance on screens grows too, and it’s actually creating a phenomenon known as ad blindness, or the inability to even see an advertisement.

Of course, some adverts are subliminal, and they are meant to just make the audience aware of the product or brand (known as drip advertising). However, for the vast majority of adverts, especially digital ones, they are just not getting the engagement they hoped to get.

Even worse for digital advertising, studies have shown that users get frustrated when adverts invade their time spent social networking or watching videos. Even sponsored content on YouTube is beginning to annoy users, especially when their favourite YouTubers have to use the same scrip as each other to advertise products like website building services.

3.  Print increases sales

A study in 2014 showed that customers were more likely to buy a product if they had experienced it in print first, as well as in other ways such as video. Both video and print have a better trust engagement than standard banner ads or email marketing campaigns.

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