4 Types of Printing Techniques Based on Principles

Print in Print technique is a printing technique that uses deep cliches. This means that the inside of the plate absorbs ink which will later imprint on the paper. One example of a print in, namely an image on a banknote.

Flat print Reporting from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, the flat printing technique is carried out on the printing area where the flat surface has two types of layers. One side of the layer that holds the ink together and the other side is the layer that does not hold the ink together. Examples of flat printing engineering graphics products are newspapers, books, and magazines. Printing companies can use just one black ink to produce black and gray prints. You can also use three colors and one black for color prints. In color printing, there are four print references, namely blue (cyan), red (magenta), yellow (yellow), and black (key). Where the color reference is known as CMYK.

Filter printing Unlike the other three techniques, the filter printing technique actually applies the ink directly to a flat surface.

Digital printing Digital printing is a printing process without a print reference area. The digital printing process is set up and performed on a computer. Digital printing is often referred to as digital printing. The machine used for digital printing is a printer.

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