4 Ways to Choose the Best Color for Your Brand

The idea to create a brand doesn’t stop when the brand is created. The next step is to create a logo. In creating a logo, apart from considering the brand’s vision and mission for the concept, color selection is also important. This one stage can also get you confused. You want the brand to be easy for people to remember, right? Therefore, do not choose colors carelessly. Don’t let you wear the wrong color for your brand. Follow these tips to choose the right color.

See References on Pinterest

There are times when we can’t find the right color choice in the color palette. Although there are many colors there, but this can not inspire you. Therefore, you need image references from the internet. From the many images, you can find the ideal color for your brand, because there must be one color that matches. You can try looking for it on Pinterest. Pinterest offers tons of images with different shades of color. The more you scroll down, the more image options you can see.

Take advantage of the Color Picker Software

After finding an image that has the color element you want, the next step is to adopt that color. This is where you need a color picker. This software allows you to be creative and choose the right color for your brand. One of the software that you can use is Adobe Color CC. All you have to do is take a color sample from the image that you have got and create it with the color palette.

Color Is Part of Marketing

Color can affect a person’s feelings. These are the facts you should know. You communicate with prospective buyers through color. Each color you use will represent a different meaning. For example, if your brand is aimed at young women, then pink can attract their attention. This pink color will not be used in brands for men’s products. For men, black and blue are a better choice. Blue is a neutral color, for both male and female audiences. This color symbolizes trust. If your brand wants to convey an impression of warmth and joy, you can choose orange and yellow. Meanwhile, the green color will provide a sense of calm and coolness. That is why green is widely used by herbal product brands.

What Color Do You Like?

It’s okay to consider referrals, but you also have to be yourself. Remember, your brand reflects who you are. So it is important that you consider your favorite color. No need to be influenced by competitors who use certain colors for similar categories. Believe in yourself and dare to be different. This will make your brand look unique and easily recognized. But of course, you also have to choose a suitable color combination.

The colors you use will be recognized and remembered by everyone who sees the brand. This color will become part of your brand identity. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong color.

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