5 Positive Benefits of Reading Storybooks to Children Before Sleeping

Help your child get ready for bed

After a busy day’s activities, spending 10-15 minutes in silence while listening to a bedtime story can make your child much calmer.

Including positive activities, reading a story book before bedtime can slow down the mind and relax their body at the same time. So, the child will tend to be more ready to sleep. Besides being beneficial for children, reading stories to children can also have a calming effect on you that is as great as what children feel.

Helping children to be ready to read

When you diligently read storybooks to your children, they will learn the different letters and the word order made up of those letters. And, even if they don’t know how to read yet, these positive habits can be a great start before children are really ready to learn to read. At least, children will not be surprised and feel strange when asked to start learning to read.

Another benefit of the habit of reading storybooks to children is that it can help them to learn new vocabulary and some of the differences between spoken and written language.

Help build children’s imagination

When a child watches a television program, the whole story in the show will be presented directly in front of them. In other words, television shows will only make children watch and receive it without having to use their minds.

Conversely, when you read a book to him, the child is also required to try to digest the content as well as create a visualization of the story itself. Through the habit of listening to stories, children must have an image in their head about what is happening in the story they are listening to. In this way, the child’s brain will be trained to continue to actively think and their imagination will continue to develop.

Helping children learn about their world

Children’s books, especially picture books, often reinforce events that usually occur in the world of children. In essence, children’s story books often describe children’s daily routines in more attractive packaging.

Being a fun way of learning, take your time to introduce and teach your child about basic things or things they have never encountered through story books.

Strengthen your bond with your child

Reading a story book before bedtime will be the end of a sweet and peaceful day for your children. By telling stories, you have a good opportunity to interact with them because this positive activity is very likely to provoke a child’s curiosity more deeply about the content of the story and encourage them to actively ask questions.

From a story book that you read, you also have the opportunity to talk about things that your child is currently or even worried about. Most importantly, the habit of reading story books to children can build an emotional connection and provide opportunities for children to end the day with parental love.

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