5 Promising Digital Printing Business Ideas in 2019!

Digital printing business is one of the many promising business ideas in 2019. This is supported by consumer demand for suppliers is quite high. Besides that, there are also many varieties of digital printing business that are needed in the market. Interested in trying to get involved in this digital printing business? You can make the following 5 ideas as a preference to start. Come on, check below.

1. Printing Invitation Cards or Name Cards

At the first point, in the business world of digital printing, you can open a printing press that produces products such as cards, such as invitation cards and business cards. Today, the greater consumer needs for business cards and invitations can be an opportunity to build this digital printing business. You can also create creative designs in the process of working on these cards and start this business from a home scale.

2. Printing Mugs or Plates

Decorative mugs or plates are used as ornaments by many people because they can be designed attractively according to our own will. In addition, these two items can be used as mementos for friends and relatives. Through digital printing efforts, you can take advantage of these opportunities well and produce a rupiah that cannot be said to be small. To start this business, you need a tool called a mug press machine. With this tool, you can print designs that will be placed on mugs or decorative plates with the help of sublime ink printers. Not too difficult to operate, you know.

3. Percetakan Barang-Barang Pendukung Promosional

The digital printing business is a business that contributes many products, one of which is products in the field of marketing such as billboards, banners, flyers, banners, brochures, pamphlets, and others. Printing these items is of course long-lived as long as people still promote their products to the public so this digital printing business has good prospects. To fulfill this demand, you need more preparation such as machinery, adequate inventory, and skilled workers in their fields.

4. Printing a Mobile Phone Case

Well, this is what was loved in 2019. Case handphone that was used to protect collisions but has now transformed into one of the needs to beautify the appearance of the mobile phone. Digital printing businesses can fulfill those needs by providing custom case mobile printing services that are tailored to the customer’s desires. In addition to the high number of cellphones on the market, it makes this business difficult to sink. The capital spent to start this business is also relatively small, only by providing printing machines with sublime ink, and only PCs or personal laptops. The rest, you can sell products through social media accounts or via the marketplace.

5. Screen Printing Shirt Printing

Screen printing shirts are part of the digital printing business in this era. T-shirts, which are one of the clothing needs, are a fresh idea in creating a business that will give you profit. This trend of screen printing t-shirts appears when the phenomenon of clothing distro and local factory outlets is mushrooming. Now, anyone can open this business easily, even if it is small or home-based. The trick for you if you are interested in building a digital printing t-shirt printing business is to set your target market, want to take all lines or focus on a specific target market. The second is giving the best quality, where you provide quality ingredients, the best screen printing. Then the last thing is to build trust with consumers to continue to be loyal using your services.

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