5 Things You Need To Look For In Buying A Printer Machine

For those of you who want to start a digital printing business, of course, you are often faced with the question “Does the digital printing business have big prospects? Is the printing business still prospective in today’s online era? If you have found the answer earlier, what digital printing machine is ideal for starting a digital printing business? ” With so many choices available, it makes us think, what is the difference between one digital printing machine and another?

As long as the economic climate is in a stable condition, which means it is not afflicted by various problems such as natural disasters, pandemics or horizontal conflicts, the printing business is still very promising for big profits (prospective), because not all human needs can be met by a collection of bit data resolution or algorithms (online ). There are many things that must be shown or shown tangible, especially those that are for mass promotion.

1. Know and learn the target market (target market).

Each type of digital printing machine has advantages and disadvantages depending on the technology used. Therefore you need to know what is needed by your target market. For example, for Government project orders (Pilkada, Pilpress), corporate orders, advertising on vehicles, and others. The need for digital printing machines must be different. So, it is very important to know what your prospective customers want, so that you can find a digital printing machine that has the most ideal advantages to the prospect’s wishes.

2. Learn from Players Who Have Started by Joining the Community.

So that the digital printing business that you want to work on can be successful, join a community that deals in the printing field, so that you can find out the battlefields of the business you will be engaged in. We can find out the USP (Unique selling proposition) of the players who were first to take part. Both in terms of advantages and disadvantages, such as the technology of the digital printing machines used, the services provided by the machines they use, print quality, customer waiting times, and many others. Armed with this knowledge, you can make better decisions. For example: if there are players who use digital printing machines with low print quality and are not satisfactory, it will be a lesson for us to avoid the same fate if we buy the same machine too. Therefore it is important to pay attention to references from other players.

3. Good Printer Print Quality.

In choosing a printer, print quality is of course your main concern. In the printer market, there are now many printers that have low quality to the best quality. The striking difference usually lies when printing high-resolution images, if on a high-quality printer the print results are better, the pixel density is very small and thin can print well. Whereas on a low quality printer, you will see broken pixels which is of course very annoying. Not a little, end users will complain about the unsatisfactory print quality.

4. Print Speed.

In today’s era where a service requires punctuality, the speed of production is very important. This digital printing business really needs high speed printing. Sometimes there are impromptu orders which have to be pursued overnight. If our printer is not reliable enough in speed, then our business will be unable to compete with printers that have higher mobility.

5. Try to buy a printer in a new condition.

Given that a digital printer machine is a machine that will definitely have a decrease in performance, you should avoid buying a used printer because it can allow a lot of losses to potential buyers, from the seller’s side also sometimes hiding shortcomings when sold. The parts are no longer original. Machine performance has also been tricked a lot.

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