5 Tips on How to Take Care of the Printer Properly

  1. Regular Printer Usage
    The use of a printer is most important and you have to pay attention to it, especially if your printer is not using it for a long time, it will cause the ink to dry and eventually clog. If the printer ink is clogged, it will cause a bad impact such as the print process is hampered and even the printout is damaged because the cartridge is clogged with dry ink.

The solution that you can take, there are lots of articles on the internet how to fix it, but it doesn’t necessarily work 100% and it’s not necessarily long-term. I highly recommend buying a new one for a price ranging from 100 to 300 thousand rupiah.

  1. Periodic filling of ink on the tube or cartridge
    Do you know ? The printer is in a running state and still consumes ink so I recommend that you use it continuously so that the ink does not dry out and is wasted in vain, especially during Head Clening, this process wastes a lot of ink, but this also helps in the repair process of the printer. .

The thing that you should not forget is filling the ink, if you forget to fill the ink, it will fill up the ink that is inside your printer hose and will cause damage during printing. So make sure the ink is half filled in the tube.

  1. How to use the printer properly
    Using a printer begins by activating the power button on or off and then the head will automatically run, this functions to clean the ink. Let the head keep running and don’t let you turn off the printer, immediately pull out the cable, this will have fatal consequences such as the head is damaged or so because the head on the printer will be shocked if you do it like that.
  2. Pay attention to how to print
    How to print using the printer properly and correctly as follows:
  • Open the file or document that will be printed
  • Select File then select Print or Ctrl + P
  • Next, a column for the print command will open, where you can change the size, number of prints, paper size, etc.
  • Do not forget to provide clean paper that is in the printer
  • Click print and the print process has started.

Print the process to completion and don’t let you pull the paper out during the printing process, this will cause damage to the print.

  1. Keeping the Printer Clean And The Area Around The Printer
    Printer cleanliness is very important. Cleanliness is part of faith, cleanliness begins with your intention to buy and maintain a printer. Make sure the location around the printer is not too much dust. Things you have to pay attention to when checking the cleanliness of the printer such as paper rolls, in the printer, ink cartridges. The paper roll is usually there the most dust, especially the printer that has never been closed and left open, this will make the printer a lot of dust in it.

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