5 Ways to Maintain Eye Health

Eat the right foods

Research shows that the right foods to maintain eye health are those that contain vitamins A, C and E. For example carrots, spinach, tomatoes and others.

Zinc, lutein, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids are also known to be good for eye health. This content can be found in eggs.

Avoid smoking

Besides being bad for lung health, it turns out that smoking also increases the risk of eye disorders such as cataracts, macular degeneration and damage to the retinal nerves.

Wearing sunglasses

Eyes that are too often exposed to sunlight can develop cataracts early. Therefore, the way to maintain eye health when going out is to wear sunglasses that have protection against UV (Ultraviolet) rays.

Don’t stare at the gadget for too long

Too long staring at a gadget or monitor can make your eyes uncomfortable. Such as tired eyes, headaches, neck pain, and blurred vision.

Do regular eye check-ups

Have regular check-ups with an ophthalmologist, at least once a year. Early detection is one of the best ways to keep our eyes healthy.

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