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5 Ways to Maintain Food Hygiene to Avoid Disease - Kapasari

5 Ways to Maintain Food Hygiene to Avoid Disease

  1. Wash your hands with soap

Before you touch food or groceries, you need to wash your hands with soap, especially after touching raw food, trash cans, pets, and going to the toilet.

It is important to make sure that your hands are free of germs before cooking or eating. Harmful bacteria can spread very easily from hands to food and cooking utensils.

In addition to washing your hands to ensure hand hygiene, you can use plastic gloves when cooking. Especially if you have the flu or diarrhea.

  1. Washing fruits and vegetables

Washing fruits and vegetables in cold water before you process them, including peeling fruits and vegetables, can help remove dirt on the food.

Wash fruits and vegetables with clean running water for a few minutes before processing or serving.

  1. Separate foods that are easily contaminated with bacteria or viruses

Food ingredients such as raw meat including poultry can contain harmful bacteria that spread easily on anything they touch. Moreover, food and cooking utensils such as knives, cutting boards, and others.

Therefore, you need to separate raw food ingredients, especially raw meat, from ready-to-eat foods to avoid cross-contamination.

  1. Cook to the right temperature

To ensure food hygiene, certain types of cooking ingredients need to be cooked at the right temperature in order to kill harmful bacteria. Below are some temperature rules for cooking food according to the WebMD health site.

  1. Store food in the refrigerator

Storing food in the refrigerator can prevent bacteria from growing and thriving in food. Set the temperature of your refrigerator to no warmer than 4 degrees Celsius and freezer to no warmer than -17 degrees Celsius.

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