6 Product Photo Tips You Need to Know

Prepare Photo Background

You don’t need to go to a photo studio just to get an interesting photo background. It would be better if you make a mini studio. You only need white or HVS cardboard, masking tape, a table and a wall.

For maximum results, try using a bright photo background, such as white. The advantage of choosing white is that you are able to maximize the product with detail. Then, the impression shown is bright.

Don’t forget to use paper on each side so that the photo doesn’t shade. So, when displayed in your online store it is really neat and detailed.

Use Model

Is your product clothing, cosmetics or shoes? If so, it would be helpful if you use the model in your product photos. The use of the model becomes an attraction for consumers.

When consumers see an attractive product photo, what happens is the presence of a transaction in your online store. Because, consumers will believe that the product is really quality.

Bright Lighting

It is undeniable that the success of product photos is determined by an attractive photo concept. For example, good lighting.

If you are a beginner, and still use your cellphone camera to take pictures, try to find a bright place so that the photo looks bright and detailed. Lighting will make a big difference to your product photos. Is it dark, shaded or bright.

Photo Themes

Often you take photos and then upload them to personal social media. That’s legit. However, the treatment is different if the photo is for product photos. It is recommended that you specify a photo theme.

For example, you use a companion such as coffee, if your product is a book. Or cookware, if your product is seasoning. So, consumers will recognize the characteristics of your product photos.

Find the Point of View

It is also decisive for product photos. You don’t keep taking photos from the front. You need to explore. Does it have to be from behind, if your product is clothing.

However, if your product is food, a photo of the product from above is highly recommended. So that the impression of detail and neat appears in the minds of consumers.

Avoid Using Zoom

What you need to know is that there is no need to use Zoom when using a cellphone. The result will look less attractive. If you need clearer photos, it would be better if you approach the product. So the results look good and detailed.

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