6 tips for expanding your SMB internationally

The best approach to building an international customer base is combining the strengths of machine translation with the skills of professional linguists, according to international business experts. Several business strategists and CEOs spoke at “Building Blocks to Going Global” Wednesday.

Advice from sessions at the event aims to help companies just getting started with international expansion plans as well as companies already serving customers in multiple languages.

Analyze your website traffic

Renato Beninatto, chairman and co-founder of Nimdzi Insights, is an experienced leader in the translation, localization, interpretation and the language services industry. He shared advice on how to get started developing international markets in his presentation, “The Five Prerequisites to Expansion.” His first piece of advice was simple: Look at your website to see if you have any existing international traffic.

He recommended using that analysis to guide initial planning for international expansion.

Translate your social media ads

Beninatto’s other advice was to translate ads into foreign languages. That also will give you a headstart in understanding what customers are most interested in your product or service, he said. Facebook has a free translation service for ads on its platform. Companies can provide translations as well. In 2020, Facebook launched a dynamic ad optimization service. This allows companies to build and run ad campaigns and boost other content such as posts in multiple languages.

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