6 Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very influential on the ongoing business, both trade in goods and services. Many companies are competing to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction to expand business networks. Customer satisfaction cannot be created easily because it requires a fairly long process. However, in addition to a long process, customer loyalty and satisfaction are also influenced by various factors, including service, product quality, and price. To maintain a loyalty, you as an entrepreneur should know and try the 6 ways below.

Easy Transaction

Today many companies are competing for the hearts of consumers by promoting products in various ways. To maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction, you need to pay attention to how to transact in the store that you have. Make the transaction system as easy and simple as possible so that customers feel comfortable. Provide a variety of payment instruments that can be accepted, and make a payment counter in sufficient quantities so that the buyer does not need to queue for long. With the convenience of transactions, consumers will feel comfortable shopping at your store or business so that they will come back to make purchases later.

Attractive Deals

Attractive offers are also needed to maintain a loyal customer. Try to offer attractive or limited edition products to customers first and then offer them to general consumers. Customers who get these attractive offers will feel more important so that they will also be more concerned with your company.

Follow Up After Sales

After you make a sale to a consumer, don’t stop dealing with that person, especially if the business is an online business. You still have to communicate with consumers and ask about what products they buy. Is it compatible with it or not, is there criticism for creating a new product that is even better.

If the product you are selling is a consumable item, you can also ask if the product is up or running low. Estimate how long the product can last then ask when it will take the next order. In this way customer loyalty and satisfaction will be maintained and you will not lose consumers.

Reciprocity Benefits

Making sales is not solely for profit for the company, but also must provide benefits to consumers who buy it. If both parties feel the benefits, the possibility of a consumer leaving your business is also less. Both buyers and sellers feel each other needs and will be loyal to each other.


A loyal customer of a company will have more loyalty to the company if they get a prize. If you want to have customers with that loyalty, then give a prize to the target you want to go. Giving gifts will not harm the company because customer satisfaction will be maintained and customers can increase.

Good attention

There are so many companies that only prioritize product offerings without regard to how customers want and need. If you want to get customer loyalty and satisfaction, you should also give good attention to all consumers. Ask them what products they need and want. Starting with the question, you will get a variety of important information to get consumers’ hearts. After that they will be easily influenced to use the products you sell.

Those are some ways to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction in running a business. If you do this method consistently, then customers will remain loyal and consumers will increase. Of course, to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction, a strategy that requires a cost is needed and the company must have the budget as an investment in the loyalty of consumers who want to get it.

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