7 Tips for Getting Started with Film Photography

  1. Keep a Logbook – Film photos don’t come with EXIF data. If you want to improve quickly, keep a logbook so you can learn from your mistakes and capture more keepers.
  2. Choose the Right Focal Length – Consider your location and the story you’re trying to tell, and choose the right focal length for the job.
  3. Experiment with Different Film Stocks – Test out as many different film stocks as possible, both B&W and Color. This will give you the experience you need to choose a film stock to match the “mood” you’re going for.
  4. Over and Underexposing Film – Many film stocks are less forgiving than digital in the shadows, but more forgiving in the highlights. Generally speaking, it’s safer to over-expose than under-expose when shooting film.
  5. Make Mistakes – Don’t let the expense of analog photography scare you away from taking lots of pictures and making mistakes along the way. It’s the fastest way to learn, and there’s a lot of beauty in the imperfections you’ll accidentally capture.
  6. Choose the Right Aperture – Until you really know your camera and lens, choose a higher number. You’ll miss fewer moments if more of your frame is in focus by default.
  7. Forget the Tips – Cliché but apt: it’s important that you find your own aesthetic. Don’t let tips—these included—keep you from experimenting and carving out your own path.\

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