8 easy ways to cut your printer costs and make life easier

Printer running costs can soon add up – whether you regularly print documents such as online returns forms, have to print more now you’re working from home or need to help your kids with their homework. To ease the pressure on your bank balance, we’ve rounded up some easy ways you can cut costs when relying regularly on your printer.

Simply playing around with your device’s settings could help you make your ink cartridges last a little longer. As can updating your printer drivers, downloading the manufacturer’s app and thinking carefully about which ink you buy.

Considering replacing your printer entirely? If so, make sure you consult our expert reviews. A sub-£40 printer can be a tempting purchase, but the long-term costs can soon add up if you frequently have to stock up on ink – our lab tests have sniffed out the printers that offer detailed prints while remaining cheap to run.

Keep scrolling for our money-saving printer tips.

1. Download the partner app for your printer

If your home printer supports wireless printing, it’s worth consulting the product manual and downloading the official partner app for your device.

Assuming you’ve misplaced the manual, head to the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS and search for the brand name – ‘HP’ or ‘Canon’, for example.

Partner apps can prove very handy, as they allow you to control your printer and line up printing jobs from a smartphone or tablet on the same wi-fi network. Most will allow you to customise your prints, too, so you can adjust orientation, paper size or colour.

Popular printing apps include:

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