8 Things to Check When Buying a New Printer

1. Stay in Budget

The cost of printers varies wildly. Obviously, you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford on your new device.

However, the issue of budgeting for a printer runs deeper than its upfront cost. You also need to consider the ongoing price of replacement ink.

It’s common for the cheapest printers to have some of the most expensive ink; it’s how the manufacturers make their money. So, before you go to the nearest Best Buy, do some research online. Make sure the price of the replacement cartridges is in line with other models at a similar price point.

It’s also worth checking whether you can pick up third-party ink cartridges for your printer and whether you can refill the ink cartridges. Be aware that using unapproved ink cartridges might void your warranty.

2. Type of Ink

canon inkwell printer

There are three common ink cartridge configurations.

  • Two ink cartridges: A black cartridge and an all-in-one color cartridge.
  • Four ink cartridges: A black cartridges, and three separate cartridges for cyan, magenta, and yellow. This is the CMYK color model.
  • Inkwells: Instead of using cartridges, the printer draws its ink from large, refillable wells.

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