9 Tips for Choosing the Right Desktop PC

1.Before looking at Computer hardware and desktop computer accessories

it is better to think about it and then think for a moment regarding what the operating mechanism of a desktop computer is like. If we want the price of a Computer operating mechanism that is affordable but can still provide speed and reliability when used later, then we can choose the Windows Computer operating mechanism.

2.Determine which computers offer VGA types or graphics cards and sound cards

sound cards that have high quality due to the inclination of the current Computer application mechanism requires high quality and VGA specifications in order to run computer programs.

3.See the type and brand of processor that is included in the computer.

Processor as Computer hardware which has an important role in thinking because it will have an influence on the speed of the computer when running several computer programs.

4.See if the desktop computer that we have determined is equipped with a DVD drive.

This computer equipment will make it easier for us to run a CD or DVD or copy files on a CD / DVD.

5.Look at the Computer RAM hardware.

This is because RAM is a necessary element in the computer mechanism. RAM has a job to store data for a short period of time or save memory which can later be used to run several computer programs. Its role is more or less the same as the computer processor hardware. The latest computer output is currently starting to be equipped with the same 1GB RAM size, the larger the hardware size of one Computer, the faster the Computer will run several existing programs. What’s more, if we are counted as people who like games, that’s why we should choose a desktop computer with a larger RAM size.

6.Determine the desktop computer equipped with a BUS that has 2 types of networks

namely Firewire and USB. This will make it easier for us when connecting a computer with several types of computer peripherals that we need such as PDAs, digital cameras, scanners and other equipment that we may need.

7.Do not buy a computer based on the price of a cheap computer package when compared to the price of other computers.

Choose a desktop computer based on the role of the computer, such as the hardware element to the computer program that is prepared.

8.Choose a computer with a hard disk type that has good quality and has a large storage size.

This is done because some Computer programs are currently asking for more storage space to store and run the Computer program.

9.Choose a desktop computer that still allows you to upgrade

your computer hardware and other computer equipment at one time in order to keep up with the changes in computer technology and meet the increasingly complex and large workloads of the future.

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