9 Tips to Make the Most Out of Economy Class

Picking the right airline isn’t quite life or death, but it will feel that way on your fifth hour into a long-haul flight squished into a less-than-comfortable economy seat.

Year after year, pitch — airline lingo for legroom — is constantly under attack, so it pays to know which airlines and plane models offer the most in coach. That’s why SeatGuru´s long-haul economy chart is a valuable resource to consult, a sortable listing of almost every airline in the world along with statistics like seat pitch and width. Standouts include 36 inches of pitch on AirBerlin flights and the between 35 and 37 inches offered by Finnair.

Do a little leg work before, and you’ll be able to stretch out later.

2. Pick seats carefully

In a business where less and less choice is given to the consumer, business travelers gloss over just how powerful it is to still pick their own seat. This is truer than ever with sites like Seat Guru and Seat Expert. They offer business travelers detailed color-coded airplane maps and charts along with rating systems to determine the kind of amenities available or just how comfortable a particular seat is.

Unfortunately, neither of these are booking sites, so office managers or employees who self-book can combine this information with tools like TravelPerk. This guarantees the most comfortable trips at the absolute best prices.

3. Check in and choose seats as soon as possible

What use is all the valuable information you have about economy seats if you don’t use it?

Most airlines let you choose while booking a ticket or at most, 24 hours before a flight during check-in. Choosing seats as early as possible ensures you’re in the first group chosen to pick seats — and avoids being bumped off because you checked-in too late.

So, what are you waiting for?

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