Beginner’s Guide to Printing

Most community and voluntary groups need to produce printed material from time to time. Whether you are producing a monthly newsletter, a poster for a meeting or an information leaflet, it’s worth thinking right from the start about how you will print it.

The Resource Centre has a Community Print Room, which is available for use  by community groups in Sussex, mainly on a DIY basis.

Printing methods

There are five main techniques you could use to print your information. To choose the one that is best for your job, you will need to think about how much money you have to spend, how many copies you need, the type of artwork you have, what kind of image you want to get across, and what kind of quality you want.

Black & white printing / photocopying

Best for small numbers of copies.

Colour printing / photocopying

Cost-effective if you are doing a small number of copies, rather than thousands.


This is a very cheap and simple way to print larger numbers of copies in black & white, or with one or two colours. Uses wet ink.

Digital print

Most commercial printers have colour digital presses, which are good for full colour work if you need hundreds or thousands of copies.

Offset litho

If you are doing a long run of a black & white document, you may want a commercial printer with an offset litho press.

It is worth phoning round several printers to get quotes.


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