Benefits of Green Coconut, One of which Increases Immunity

Green coconut, which has the Latin name Cocos nucifera L., is the most widely used type of coconut because of its high nutritional content. The part of the green coconut that is often consumed is the ‘meat’ of the coconut and the water. Recently, green coconut water is often sought after and consumed by the public because it is said to have many benefits, one of which is increasing immunity.

One Source of Nutrients

Coconuts that contain the highest water are usually around six to seven months old. In one coconut there is usually about 250 ml of coconut water which contains 46 calories and several other nutrients such as:

9 grams of carbohydrates
3 grams of fiber
2 grams of protein
Manganese, 17% of the RDA
Potassium, 17% of RDA
Magnesium, 15% of the RDA
Sodium, 11% of RDA
Vitamin C, 10% of RDA
Calcium, 6% of RDA

Prevent Dehydration

Often we do a lot of physical activity that drains body fluids. At times like that, sufficient fluids are needed to replace the body’s electrolyte fluids to avoid dehydration. Green coconut water can be consumed to prevent dehydration because it contains high electrolytes so it is great for replacing lost body fluids. For example, when experiencing mild diarrhea or other conditions, causing loss of some body fluids.

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