Book Printing: Binding Problems with Book Signatures

I think nothing is more unsettling to me than an email or phone call from a customer with a printing problem. I always want to please my print brokering clients, but sometimes this just doesn’t happen–at least on the first attempt.

The Backstory of the Print Book Job

The book in question is a 5,000-copy press run of a 6” x 9” perfect bound textbook that was just printed for a client. The book was produced on 70# Finch opaque text stock with a 12pt. cover.

My client received an email from her client (one of the end users, a teacher) noting that 20 of the 40 books she had received had been misprinted. More specifically, all 20 books begin on page 33 and go to 64, after that they return to page 33 and continue to the end.