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The Future Of Wall Street: Fintech 50 2019

There’s a fintech revolution going on inside Wall Street’s biggest firms. At asset management giants from Blackrock to Third Point, banks such as Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and financial service behemoths Nasdaq, MetLife and American Express, upstart fintech firms are revolutionizing the way they operate. These blue-chip institutions are both users and investors in the most.

Why Uber Lacks A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

What Is a Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Competitive advantage is measured by profit share — a company’s share of an industry’s profits. This definition means that a competitive advantage is impossible if an industry lacks profitability. And based on the financial results of Lyft and Uber, there are no profits to be had in the ride-sharing industry..

7 Best Defense Stocks To Buy In 2019

It’s an unfortunate state of the world, but few see a chance on the horizon for a decline in demand for military and defense related products and services. From cybersecurity to naval ships and missiles to drones, seven leading financial experts — and contributors to – highlight their top investment ideas in the defense sector. Stephen.

Security Is Key To The Success Of Industry 4.0

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry. The continuous need to outperform competitors is to such a great degree that it is imperative for manufacturing organizations to protect their intellectual property (IP) . Because if the security of their proprietary data is ever compromised, then their competitive advantage is jeopardized as well. And we’ve seen it happen too.

Digital Manufacturing Has A China Dilemma

Digital manufacturing has a China dilemma. Is price pressure from China encouraging reluctant managers to take the big step toward digitization? Or are companies worried that they won’t be able to compete even if they invest in new technologies? On March 14, 2019 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the price of imports from China had.

World’s Largest Business Organization Embraces Blockchain

From the embers of World War I emerged a new kind of organization, led by entrepreneurs, committed to ensuring the free flow of goods across the world’s war-ravaged borders. The International Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to streamline global business, is one of last vestiges of the League of Nations, founded in 1920 by.

U.K. Economy Shows Illusionary Strength On Brexit Stockpiling

The U.K. economy unexpectedly grew by 0.2% in February the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said this morning. Economists that had participated in a Reuters poll had expected zero growth. The key driver to this unexpected burst of activity was stockpiling by manufacturers ahead of Brexit (whenever that may be). This enabled the U.K. economy.

The Future Of Investing: Fintech 50 2019

Want half a share of Apple, or bitcoin alongside protective puts? The investing, trading and wealth management firms on Forbes’ Fintech 50 2019 offer more than just the services once exclusive to big banks and traditional financial firms. They’re tapping into markets by merging new tricks with the old. Take, for example, the maturing roboadvisor market as it embraces the human side of.

10 tips for creating eye-catching package design

Packaging consumer products is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Eye-catching design packaging should make both a physical and psychological connection. The packaging identifies the product and reassures consumers that their purchase is the right one. However, this can only occur when brand owners match the qualities of the product’s packaging with what.