Choose the Colour Palette For Your Printed Brochure

Your brand colours will undoubtedly play a role in the colours you choose for your printed brochure. But you shouldn’t feel limited or restricted by your existing business palette. It’s intrinsically part of your brand, so assuming you have the correct colour that represents your company’s values then these colours must follow through with the colour choices you make when designing your brochure. There’s a whole spectrum of colours out there that you could incorporate into the design of your brochure, but it won’t work if these colours don’t represent your brand.

Colours should complement your brand, but what colours have the biggest impact, and how can you select wisely?

What Colours Should I Use In My Brochure?
Specific colours are known for sparking certain emotions and feelings, which is why it is often said that colours can define a brand. This is unlikely to be something we’re born with, but more of a learned trait due to standard, everyday experiences that we have right from birth. Take traffic lights, for example. We naturally associate red with danger, and green as positive (go) because we see this in action every day. Understanding how colours make people feel can help you to select a palette.

Here are some of the biggest brands in the world and their primary colour choice.

choosing-red-for-your-brochure● Red some say this was originally used due to its association with blood, blood equals warning or danger, but also with very intense feelings of passion, anger, and rage. Yet in China, it’s a sign of celebration. Red against a white background is incredibly dramatic, a solid choice for big brands to get noticed.