Creating a Dimensional Standee

Creating Dimensionality in the Standee

By its very nature, a standee is a three dimensional print product. It is a construct made out of fluted cardboard, chipboard, and often such other materials as wood, simulated velvet, or even AstroTurf. However, in most cases, images have been printed in 4-color process inks on flat litho paper. Granted, the custom printing paper is then laminated to chipboard or fluted board, but the images themselves are flat.

In contrast, the Transformers standee actually adds dimensionality with various layers of printed lugs affixed on top of other sections of the large format print standee.

To begin with, let me describe the Transformers: Age of Extinction standee. It is what looks like a dinosaur with one foot on the wide and narrow standee base and one foot out in front on the floor. On the back of the creature is a figure clad in armor with a sword raised high.