Creative design tips for custom printed t-shirts and apparel

Brainstorm for your concept

The designing of custom printed t-shirts and any apparel for that matter is a time-taking process. So, no good is going to come out if you rush the process. Make sure to draw multiple sketches, create variations and work with a team if necessary. Yes, a design might come to you straight away, but it is still a great idea to mull things over until you know the aesthetic value.

Create a rough draft on a shirt

People in designing will tell that there is a difference between a design on-screen and print. So, mock models are essential, especially in the case of wholesale t-shirt printing. You don’t have to put the design on an actual shirt, but you can always use apps and software platforms to create a mock design draft. Doing this will allow you to observe the design in its actual size and resolution.

Avoid too many details

The truth is there can’t be anything better than the attention to detail in well-executed designer apparel. Complicated designs, intricate patterns, and themes are attractive to everyone. However, if you look around, you will see that most classic t-shirt designs are simplistic. So, keep in mind that even the most complicated messages can be put forth through simpler expressions.

Do your market research

Before start wholesale t-shirt printing, you need to invest time and money into market research. Yes, you might have several ideas for t-shirts, but you need to ask yourself who your market is? There are different markets, including men, women, and the young crowd. It is needless to say that the styles and aesthetic demands are vastly different among the market types available.


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