Custom Printing: The Wonder of Clothing Hang-Tags

My fiancee is a genius when it comes to finding quality clothes in the thrift store. In fact, she recently found a designer dress for $9.00 that had a $900.00+ price tag. (Granted, at a thrift store an original price tag is one sign of quality because it means the garment hasn’t been worn, unlike most of the other clothes in the thrift store.)

My fiancee knows all the brand names, and she can recognize the signs of quality clothing design and quality manufacturing. But the hang-tags (their design, materials, finishing, and attachments) do contribute to a clothing designer’s ability to communicate quality to prospective buyers and hence to charge multiples more than a discount store would.

What Is Branding?

The key word here is “branding.” This refers to the logo mark and overall presentation of a company, reflecting the quality of its materials, clothing design, and manufacturing; perhaps its target audience; plus what values the company extols (sustainability, equity, and so forth). This package of intangibles becomes attached to the logo, such that a customer who enters a clothing store will see the logo colors, the logo itself, perhaps even the design of the store, and have an overall, internal moment of grasping on a deep level the ethos of the company.

As noted above, a clothing brand includes the logo but does not stop there. It also includes all relevant signage, marketing collateral, floor appliques, clothing hang-tags, television advertising, paint colors on the walls in the store, and on an on.

But to get back to the hang-tags, these are essentially print business cards for the brand, just as much as an actual print business card would be.

The Purposes of Hang-Tags

When I mentioned to my fiancee that I planned to write a blog post about clothing hang-tags, she dug through multiple drawers in the house and handed me a pile of about forty hang-tags. She said she had saved them because (and I already knew this) she likes advertising art and these exemplified superior design. So after reviewing all of these samples I have come to an overall awareness as to their purpose, materials, and design.