Design a Funeral Memory Board

A funeral memory board is the perfect way to capture the life and personality of the person you’re celebrating and proudly display it to your friends and family at the service. It is a collection of photos, images, and motifs that create happy memories of the person you are honouring, as well as highlighting all the achievements your loved one has recorded during their lifetime.

A funeral memory board is usually displayed at the front of the venue during the service but it can also be deployed as a bold welcoming sign at the entrance, allowing guests to be reminded of a life well lived and the wonderful character that the person you’re commemorating had. You can also design smaller boards to display on tables at the wake or place atop the coffin if you wish. There is no right or wrong place to display your memories, it really is down to your personal preference.

We know that when you’re coping with the loss of a loved one, it’s not always easy to plan out something like a memory board at such a highly emotive time. To help you through the process and ease any unnecessary stresses, we’ve put together this simple guide which you can work through step-by-step at your leisure. It takes you from choosing the right photos and colours to organising your memories and making sure you get the most out of your display.

With a carefully created board you can provide guests with a wonderful reminder of your loved one, as well as having something as a keepsake to cherish forever.

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