Five Easy Rules of Graphic Design

Keep Design Simple

Keep it simple. Keeping your graphic designs simply gives them a timeless elegance and, it always works. No matter what the ongoing trends are. When you keep it simple, especially as a beginner, it also makes your work easier. Also, you can handle various design challenges like mixing the fonts and other elements like shapes.

When you are in the initial stages, it is best to stick to rules and something that has already worked for you. You don’t have to be minimalistic but keeping an eye on the simple designs and expressions can prevent you from making dire mistakes.

Play With Colors & Fonts
Colors play an essential part in our lives. Nature is full of colors, and our mind was training to see colors and pay attention to visual details, especially color coordination. When it comes to graphic designing, colors play a vital role. From the basics of black & white to a whole spectrum of colors, there is a big, wide ocean of colors where you can take your pick from. A simple but well-executed design using basic black & white has the power to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

If you have laid your foundation well, that is the design; you have the liberty to play with colors. Although it is usually advised to stick to three basic colors, you may still play with a variety to see if you can hit the jackpot like Google. One thing is mandatory and that is the blending and coordination of the colors. If the colors are not coordinated well, it may totally ruin your design.

Stick Your Design Portfolio to Originals
There is nothing wrong with imitate famous works or take inspiration from them. Learn and see techniques is definitely a vital part of the graphic designing process. But, unless this inspiration is being taken from the finest, it is best to stick to originals. Sticking to your original designs and aesthetics will allow you to experiment and come up with a design that is truly yours. Something that is completely unique and exclusive.

It is a common belief that is hardly possible to come up with something that is completely original and unique, and it is quite true to an extent in graphic design. However, it is a vast field that goes way beyond one’s imagination and there are still lots of aspects and avenues that remain to explore.

Graphic design is a wide field and you can create something completely unique if you dare to explore the depths no one has explored till now. If you really want your “signature”, then stick to your originals and do not go for a copy.

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