Five tips for perfect postcard design

Postcards are a great way to reach your target market. They are extremely cost effective and offer a high return on your investment. The best postcards get straight to the point and to do that you need to be sure of the point of your postcard in the first place. Is your postcard for sales or to generate new leads? Is it to promote an offer or new product? Maybe it doubles as an invite. Your solution will depend on the purpose of your postcard but the same design principles will always apply.

Straight – simple – direct

The importance of a simple, direct message can’t be overemphasised. If you’re promoting a sale or offer say it loud and say it big with an easy to read font. No one will read too much text so keep your message short, snappy and direct.

Prominent logo

Your logo is vital when growing awareness of your brand. Give it a prominent position on the front of your card and if you’re going two-sided, put it on the rear as well. Even if your postcard is discarded you’ll want the recipient to notice and remember your logo.

Creative use of colour

Colours are extremely powerful in gaining attention and provoking a response. Your corporate colours should, of course, be consistent throughout your marketing but think about how they relate to your message and to any images used. Negative or white space can be powerful too so don’t feel the need to fill every area of your postcard with print.

Only use high quality, relevant images

While a type-only message can be really effective (for example, anything with FREE in bold letters will always get noticed) a striking image can really stand out. If you do use an image make sure it’s high resolution and try to avoid stock photography. A unique image will grab the attention but including something bland will do your postcard much more harm than good.

Quality is everything

Postcards are both visual and tactile media so both the print and the card itself should be of the very highest quality. Think about the weight and type of card as well as the design. Postcards are close-up advertising that need to look and feel professional. Cheap print and low grade or flimsy card will damage both your message and your business.