Goodbye to inkjet cartridges

Inkjet printers can be one of the more expensive devices in your home office.

Sure, they start out cheap enough — you can buy a decent all-in-one inkjet printer for $99 or even less.

Where they get you is with the ink cartridges.

A full set of four ink cartridges for that $99 printer will run you $38. That same set of ink cartridges with an extra-large black cartridge costs $58.

It’s easy to see how inkjet printing can get expensive.

A few years back, Epson introduced inkjet printers that use onboard ink tanks instead of replaceable cartridges. You fill the tanks from bottles of ink, and the bottles can last for years. It was a genius move and a no-brainer if you print a lot, but you will pay more for the printer up front.


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