Green travel: principles and benefits of ecotourism

Ecotourism and responsible travel probably weren’t talked about when you were young. We may have looked at the carbon footprint of nations, but did we question our individual impact? Conservation, sustainable travel, and environmental responsibilities fall on all our shoulders. Becoming an eco-friendly traveler doesn’t mean you have to cycle everywhere. Sustainable and green travel is about understanding the environmental impact of our behavior. With that understanding, we can change the way we travel for the benefit of the planet.  Green travel and ecotourism will open you up to amazing travel experiences you’ve never imagined. Traveling this way means you’ll know you’re doing your bit for our beautiful world.  Keep reading to find out what ecotourism is and why being a green traveler is so important. 

What is ecotourism?

Many people still don’t quite understand what ecotourism entails. Ecotourism is a type of green travel that aids the conservation of fragile regions, environments, and communities. It’s a form of sustainable tourism that has far more purpose than simply going to a destination. Ecotourism brings in travelers for the direct benefit of wildlife, natural areas, and the people who live there.  Many green travelers find significant satisfaction and fulfillment during their journeys in ecotourism. 


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