How to Buy a Desk Lamp

1. Go for High-Quality Light

In general, incandescent bulbs provide a bright, clear light. LED desk lamps offer a versatile and energy efficient option. Pay attention to these two characteristics: CRI and Color Temperature.

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how true-to-life colors look beneath a given light source. This rating is especially important with desk lamps, where the ability to see contrast while reading and working is essential. Look for LEDs with high CRI ratings between 85 and 100.
  • Color Temperature is a standard measure of a light’s appearance, often referred to as the “warm” or “cool” look of a light. LED desk lamps in the color temperature range of 2700K to 4500K generally provide a clear and pleasing light to work beneath.

2. Look for Adjustability 

Another tip to help you buy a desk lamp is adjustability. Adjustable desk lamps allow you to fine-tune the placement of the beam for specific tasks and to minimize glare. There are various possible points of articulation, including swiveling heads, swing arms, boom arms, and goosenecks.


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