How To Clean The Printer Properly And Properly

Different types of printers require different cleaning methodologies. That way if you can find cleaning guidelines for the printer model you are using, make sure you follow the guidelines given therein. Unfortunately, some manufacturers only provide these guidelines to certain certified technicians.

Unplug your printer from the power source. Since you will be working in a piece of electrical equipment, it is better to unplug the printer first. Eliminate your risk of getting electrocuted by taking these precautions. Wait a few minutes for the printer to cool down before cleaning.

General Steps for Inkjet Printer Cleaning

Remove dust.
Purchase a can of air spray from your local office supply store or general goods store. Spray regularly in and around the printer to remove new dust and to prevent dust build-up.

Clean the interior with a soft cloth.
Use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol or Windex to clean the interior finish. Other cleaning agents can present the risk of scratching the inside of the printer or bleeding. A solution of equal parts vinegar / water is another cleaning solution. For safety reasons, do not use liquids directly into the machine. Pour it onto the cloth first. Also use a soft cloth to clean the rubber blades on the ink cartridges.

Clean the outside of the printer.
Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the outside of the printer as well.

Clean the printheads
The printhead is the part that squirts ink onto the paper. This section is cleaned using a program on your computer. Go to Control Panel and then Printing Preferences.

After you select the printer, the computer will guide you through the printhead cleaning process. The printer will print a test page to compare it with the image on the screen. It may take some cleaning to completely clean the printheads if they are very dirty.

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