How to Design a Business Card

The Business of Business Cards

Business cards are an essential part of your branding. A properly done business card will meet the criteria of numerous professional needs

When designed right, these multi-tools can leave a lasting impression as a visual extension of your brand identity. They’re handy and hold key business details such as name, contact details and brand logo.
How to Design a Business Card in 5 Steps
Step 1. Select your Dimensions

Standard business card dimensions are 2″x3.5″. If you’re going for practicality, stick to that size. Then, it’s as simple as determining whether you prefer landscape orientation for a classic approach or portrait orientation for a modern twist.

However, if you really want to stand out for a current campaign or overall brand strategy, there are no rules against going bigger, adding folds, or incorporating a custom shape.

One trend that has been gaining popularity are business cards measuring 3.5″x4″ that are folded in half. This gives more room to stay within that wallet size but makes room for expanded brand messaging.

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