How to Make a Nonprofit Brochure

Every nonprofit organization can benefit from having a professional brochure. Larger organizations often receive brochures provided by their national headquarters, but unfortunately, smaller nonprofits may not receive the same outside support. Although this may be true, that’s no reason to give up since you can easily learn how to create a well-written brochure of your own.

Part 1: Develop the Best Message

Developing a generic brochure is a pitfall you want to avoid. That is because when you publish and share a brochure made in this manner, you will most likely send the wrong message to your audience. The best nonprofit brochure message will be specific and emphasize benefits over value.

Keeping that in mind, a well-thought-out brochure has concise information that a specific group of people needs or might want to know about the organization. This information could include How-Tos, helpful FAQs or exciting topics. A brochure should additionally emphasize benefits over features. In other words, do not give a vague description of your programs. Instead, explain how and whys behind the benefits the nonprofit organization can give to the readers.

Part 2: Draft a Nonprofit Brochure Design

The next step is drafting the nonprofit brochure design. Before going further, you need to read about a brochure’s structure and look over a few design tips. Knowing about them is an integral part of the brochure design process.