How to Vectorize an Image in CorelDRAW

Most images that you find online (JPGs, PNGs, GIFs) are in raster format. This means that the images contain a number of pixels that become increasingly obvious as you enhance the size of your image.

Vector images do not have this issue. A vector image will have the same quality no matter the size. Thus, if you need a good quality image in different sizes, you need to understand vector graphics.

There are many programs that allow you to draw or convert images to vector images, and CorelDRAW is one of them.

How to Convert a Raster Image to Vector in CorelDRAW

The vectorization process in CorelDRAW is quick and easy. The software offers built-in features that allow you to trace an image with just a couple of clicks. This lets you turn even the most problematic raster pictures to clear vectorized images.


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