Is Print Dead?.. Factually NOT!

Some say it is. But some have been saying that all the while research says otherwise. Since the 1980s researchers in psychology, computer science and library & information science have confirmed the advantages of paper over reading on screen. So what do recent consumer choices say?
78% Said that given a choice they would prefer to read on paper

Passing a message through print can be for a variety of reasons, news, bills or education. Whatever the reason,
most people like reading on paper to reading on screens and this was true across the age ranges.

72% Believe printed documents are easier to read

‘Dry eye’ is a condition that occurs when the eyes do not make or produce enough fluid or the fluid

evaporates too quickly. When talking to the Independent, Dr. Yuichi Uchino suggested, “When we stare at computers,
our blinking times decreased compared to reading a book at the table,”