Is Print Dead? No, and Here’s Why It Probably Never Will Be

Is Print Dead?

Ever since the rise of digital media, people have wondered whether the end of print is near. As a company that has successfully been working in the print industry for more than two decades, we’re here to tell you that this is not the case—print is still going strong. Print media and marketing tools, such as business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, and merchandise, are not only still popular, but they are also still highly effective for targeted advertising and customer outreach. What has changed in recent years is that businesses must find clever, new ways to integrate print and digital into a cohesive marketing campaign. 

Print is Not Dead

First thing’s first, let’s, once and for all, clear up the misconception that print is dead . While it is undeniable that email marketing and online adverts have increased exponentially, there is evidence that print can be far more engaging and effective than its digital counterpart. For instance, print has a higher brand recall rate than digital media (we’re talking 77% compared to just 46%). And printed mailers generate a significantly higher response rate—as much as 30 times greater—than email.

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