Let’s Read Books with the Right Body Position, Here’s How

Straighten Back Position

The first thing to consider when reading a book is the position of the back. Make sure your back is straight or upright. Don’t slouch or go too far so you don’t get tired easily when reading a book.

Sitting in an Upright Position

Do not read while lying down or on your stomach. But read it in an upright sitting position. Do not tilt to the right or to the left. Remember, you are in a period of growth, the wrong sitting position will affect your posture.

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Keep Your Eyesight

Now besides paying attention to the position of the back and sitting, another thing that must be considered when reading a book is the distance from the eye to the book. Your eyes should not be too close or too far to the book that is being read. Keep a safe distance, which is about 30 to 40 centimeters.

Reading in the Light

Find a bright place when reading a book. Do not read in a place where the light is dim or even dark. Reading in dim or dark places will tire your eyes quickly.

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