Logo Placement: A Branding Guide That Doesn’t Overdo It

Your logo is a little slice of your business, but an important one. It deserves to be front and center in your marketing campaigns. A logo is your badge, sure, but where you position it should depend on the content, the messaging, and the action you’re trying to persuade customers into taking.

Think of your logo like your business card. Sometimes it makes sense to leave it in the middle of the table during a conference, other times it’s better to hand it over after chatting with someone for a while. Context matters.

With that in mind, our print professionals have put together this short guide to logo placement success.

Logo Placement: Best Practices

So, while logo placement needs to be tailored to the medium you’re using and the impact you want to have on audiences, there are a few best practices you should follow. For instance, did you know that people are 89% more likely to remember a logo that is positioned in the top left rather than on the right?

Sticking to the practices below will help maximize the visibility of your logo, engage customers more strongly, and boost your number of conversions (according to whatever your goal may be). 

Think About The Product

Think About The Product

Just as they say in real estate: location, location, location. Ambre Zachmann, Printing for Less’s eCommerce Marketing Specialist, says that “your logo needs to be seen by customers. When a package or mailer arrives, your logo should be the first thing that catches their eye.”

James Casey, our Account Executive, goes further to say that your logo should be on more than one side of the package. “Sometimes logos get covered by shipping labels, or when the package is delivered it might not be face up, so having your logo in multiple places will ensure that it’s still immediately visible.”

Elsewhere, fellow Account Executive, Tyler Diebold dives into the types of products that you should be targeting to showcase your logo. He explains that “promotional products are ideal for your logo. Imagine a product that is going to sit on your desk for a long time or a magnet on your fridge. These items can display your logo and subconsciously put your business in front of your customers.”

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