Offset Printing or Digital Printing?

  1. How it works

There’s a significant difference of how offset printing and digital printing machine. In its working process, Offset Printing technology uses wet ink, while digital printing uses toner (dry ink).

  1. Time needed for printing process

The printing process of Offset Printer must go through a long process and takes much time. The first thing to do is to convert the file in CMYK setting to plate each color in the design. After that, those plates will be given wet ink and let it stay for approximately one day. After that, it will do the printing process in the object, such as paper. If there’s a mistake in the file, then new plats must be processed, so the price will also increases.

Compated to Offset Printing, Digital Printing considered faster and more efficient. One of the reason is because the Digital Printing system doesn’t need plate, so the plate can be printed directly from the file without converting it to CMYK setting. The file can be in RGB or SPOT format.

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